How To Survive Year 9 in Hillcrest Highschool
~Important places in Hillcrest Highschool
~JL Gym and Old Gym
~Asian tree Courtyard
~Courts and Turf area
~Some Sports Hillcrest Offers
~EOTC and Overseas Trips to look Forward to
~Year 9 Tauwhaere trip
~Year 10 Camps at Ngatuhoa Lodge
~Year 10 Great Barrier Trip for 5 Weeks
~International Students Camp
~Listen to Teachers
~Always Bring P.E gear
~Bring lunch or money
~Do Homeworks
~Make Friends and Just Be yourself =)
~Hillcrest Highschool Houses and R.A.P.I.D Values
~Sheppard -Respect
~Snell -Aim
~Hillary -Persevere
~Rutherford -Identify
~Te Puea -Diversity

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